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Post Natal Depression Support Association of South Africa
Edition #1 - July 2013 - The Post Natial Depression Support Association of South Africa


It has been a long time coming, but we hope you enjoy our new and improved newsletter. We have had quite an exciting year so far, waiting and then finally being granted funding from the National Lottery Trust Fund. There were a few tense months where we didn't know if we would be able to keep our doors open, but thankfully the money came through in the nick of time.

We started off the year at the Living and Loving Baby Expo where we distributed over 4000 information pamphlets to the public educating them on the signs and symptoms of PND and where they can go to receive help. We have also done a number of talks at support groups around Cape Town as well as updating our website and becoming more "social media savvy". Please take a moment to visit our website

Featured Article - Joanne Zagnoev


A few months ago, Joanne Zagnoev was asked to address the board of a certain private medical aid group discussing the long term affects of post natal depression on the mother, her children and her partner and the benefits of providing adequate treatment. Joanne's goal was to get the medical aid group to agree to increase the benefits for and duration of psychotherapy for the mom suffering from post and ante-natal depression and anxiety. This is the document she submitted to support her findings. Joanne has very kindly agreed to share it with us. There is a great deal of research and information in this article which may be of some benefit to health care professionals and other interested individuals. Many thanks Joanne for an informative article.




We would like to take this opportunity to say a fond farewell to Prof Mark Tomlinson who has faithfully served on the PNDSA board for over 10 years. He has been a valuable part of our team and we will miss his expertise and vast knowledge.

Mark Tomlinson

The volunteers who have been running our Gauteng branch for many years have recently decided to step down from their positions. We would like to thank them for their years of sacrificial service in support of the many mothers and families in the Gauteng area. In particular we would like to thank Debbie Levin who headed up the Gauteng branch and also served on our board for many years.

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PNDSA are committed to education and in light of this have four more baby and parenting expos lined up for this year. We are taking part in the Cape Town Baba Indaba, Durban Baby Expo and later in the year the NASREC/Soweto and Sandton Baba Indaba's. These shows provide us with many networking opportunities as well as the chance to talk to new moms and moms-to-be about the signs and symptoms of PND.

Baba Indaba Stand

In September this year, we are planning a special interest group meeting for health care professionals in the Cape Town area. The meeting will be CPD accredited and will be open to all who have an interest in post and ante- natal depression and anxiety. More information will be sent out in the weeks to come. Please let us know if you would be interested in attending.



A huge word of thanks goes to Nic Black from NB Media who has tirelessly worked with us on the recent website upgrades.

Last year the PNDSA were informed by a group of researchers at the University of Sussex that in a recent study, our website had been voted as one of the top 5 websites in the world regarding information on PND.

You can read more about this on our website or click here to read their report.

We continue to work at making the site as "user friendly" as possible and provide our visitors with as much information and as many useful platforms as we can.

Recent upgrades include adding information for "dads", articles on medication and the inclusion of video clips from television programmes discussing PND. Other media items we have included are magazine articles and PND related books which can now also be ordered from our website.

We pride ourselves in the interactive EDS (Edinburgh Depression Scale) test which can be completed online. Moms are able to do the EDS test and immediately receive an email back which reveals their score. Depending on the number scored, a personalised e-mail is then sent to each participant advising them on the next step to take and offering further help and support. We are at present receiving 3 to 8 completed EDS score cards per day.

As previously discussed, a "Donations" icon has been added which makes it easier for possible donors to donate money to our cause.

A link to our Face Book Group is also available and member numbers within the Group continue to grow steadily. This is a wonderful Social Media platform through which we can share news relating to our organisation and articles and talks relating to PND. It is also a safe place where mom's can share with and support each other. Why don't you consider joining us?

Statistics for the last three months reveal that the website receives between 1900 and 2500 "hits" per month. This means that every day an average of 70 people are finding our website.

The upgrades continue as we believe there is still much more we can do to improve and add value to the site so keep an eye out!

We will be adding a section soon for professionals with articles and information on PND. If you yourself or a colleague have written an article or know of articles which you think may be of benefit to your fellow health care professionals, please send us an email with the article attached or the recommendation. We value your input.

PNDSA Board Members



If you are not yet a PNDSA member and would like to become one, please visit our website or click on "membership" which will take you to our Membership Application Page . This is a wonderful way to support our organisation and stay in touch with what is happening in the world of PND. We have recently added a, "donation icon" on our website homepage which makes it quick and convenient to make a contribution. We would welcome any contributions you are able to make. No amount is too small.


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We will be holding a meeting for all interested parties in the Gauteng area who would like to be involved in the "re-launch" of the PNDSA Gauteng Branch. Rica Gibson has been appointed as the Gauteng Administrator and will be hosting the meeting at her home on Thursday 29 August 2013. Please let us know if you would like to be involved. We would value any ideas and suggestions for the way forward.

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When your blessings don't count

When your blessings dont count

Written with profound empathy by a reseach psychologist who not only specialises in PND but has herself suffered from it, this book tells it like it is.

Postnatal distress is becoming more prevalent and it is estimated that one in three women may suffer from it. It knows no boundaries and affects women of all ages, religions, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds. But although devastating and debilitating, PND can be overcome.


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Recognising Postnatal Depression

Recognising Post Natal Depression

The journey to motherhood is sometimes clouded with unrealistic expectations and society's unfair judgement of any woman who isn't immediately blissfully happy with her new baby. Giving birth is a major life adjustment and rite of passage for all mothers. This book is for anyone who is struggling or has struggled on that journey, who may be grappling with confusion, anxiety, fear or anger. It offers hope, support and comfort and a clear path out of what may feel like a bewildering or overwhelming situation.


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